Monday, December 28, 2015

Wick's 2015 Highlights

The Father blessed me a great deal in 2015, and below is a little glimpse of those blessings. Here are past Wickersham highlights: 2010201120122013, & 2014.

January - I traveled to Nanjing International School with the TIS Kid's Read team and served as a judge at the competition. It's exciting to see middle schoolers get pumped about books.

February - After years of considering the Kairos course, I finally find the energy to give up some vacation time to participate in it. Definitely worth it.

March - Soccer, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling are all sports I've coached. Now you can add basketball to the list since I served as the assistant coach of the 7th-grade boy's basketball team at TIS.

April - It was announced that I will serve as the TIS girl's high school varsity soccer coach in the spring. This will be my first high school team since 2003. Where does the time go?

May - Megan and I worked at an English Camp in nearby Jixian. It was great to get away from the city and teach English to youngsters.

June - I coached five weeks at the Indy Eleven Youth Soccer Camps, and Rose and Grace joined me for three of those weeks. I'm thankful to have daughters playing on some of the same fields I did as a kid.

July - I professionalized and renewed my Indiana educator's license so I'm good to teach U.S. history, geography, and sociology in the Hoosier state for at least another ten years.

August - We moved over a gate and to the ninth floor to occupy a beautiful two-story apartment, courtesy of LDi. It was the seventh apartment move in 12 years, but each apartment was an upgrade.

September - My in-laws and nephew from Indiana paid us a visit, and we celebrated Fred's 70th birthday in style at Pizza Bianca.

October - I presented a coaching workshop at the ISC Conference and reconnect with some old friends. It was wonderful that I didn't blow chunks and have the Hershey squirts like last year.

November - I started coaching the under-12 boy's volleyball team at TIS. All of my players are my students, and most of them were on my soccer squad.

December - We hosted a Christmas Eve gathering after singing Christmas carols in the neighborhood. We've done this for a few years now, and it felt extra special this year to be able to open our home.