Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wick's 2012 Highlights

There is no typo in the title. The past day I reflected on the past two years. You can check out past Wickersham highlights here: 2010 & 2011.

January - The TIS community moves into a brand new school building that contains 75 classrooms, our first gym, tennis courts, and much, much more. We definitely don't deserve this.

February - Carol, Megan's mother, is diagnosed with cancer and is given this special opportunity to witness to others the truth and glory of Him.

March - Megan flies to Indiana and surprises her mom. I play Mr. Mom for 1.5 weeks.

April - I take the girls on a special daddy's date to a newly opened Burger King in a western-style mall. It just tastes better.

May - After more than a two-year break, I'm thrilled to see Megan blogging again at I like Megan's writing style and envy her creative flair.

June - I complete my first grad class through Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU). Taking classes through IWU enabled me to complete an M.Ed. in three years.

July - We see our first picture of Josiah Lee Fuzi Wickersham on Megan's 39th birthday. I can't believe I'm going to have a boy.

August - In addition to my duties as a middle school principal and PE department supervisor, I add Good Book Head of Department to my plate.

September - Megan and I attend an admin retreat in Xiamen (southeast China). The warmer temperatures appeal to my inner islander.

October - I plan to attend education conferences next month in Malaysia and Thailand. One is a secular leadership conference and the other conference is for Christian educators.

November - Megan throws a surprise bacon sundae birthday party for me. Everything tastes better with bacon.

December - I start a research class through IWU that results in a 60-page action research report. That was a little work.