I was born in a naval hospital in Guam and attended a Department of Defense school in Puerto Rico for part of my high school years. My accent is from Indiana where my white American father is from, but part of my formative years was spent in Thailand. I am half Japanese and have spent many summer months in Japan. Before moving to China I lived in South Korea. Although I am not Chinese, all of my kids are. I received my first soccer ball while living in Brazil. The only language I speak fluently is English, and sometimes my TESOL certified wife corrects my grammar. My identity lies first and foremost in my union with Christ. Although I am a dirty, rotten sinner who deserves to be eternally tormented in Hell, by God’s grace, I am a recipient of the imputation of Christ’s righteousness. The Holy Spirit resides in me, and a new home is being prepared for me. To God be the glory forever and ever. Peace out. -Phil 3:14