Grace Noel

Hi, I'm Grace. I am a 12-year-old 6th grader at Evansville Christian School (ECS). The move here was hard, but I couldn't have asked for a better school. My friends are amazing, and I'm so glad that I have such good friends. I still love to play soccer and do artwork, and I am getting better. I play for ECS, and I'm in the art club. I don't play the piano anymore, but I now play the alto saxophone for my band. Currently, candy and instant noodles are still at the top of my favorite foods list. I like to watch movies, and I recently watched a few Star Wars movies. The snowy owl is my favorite animal, and I still want a pet. I can't believe it's 2018 - this year has gone by fast. I do miss my life in China and always will, but I've had a great time here. I can't wait to see what this next year holds! (1/1/18)

Hi! I'm Grace. I speak Chinese and English. Now I'm in fourth grade and ten years old. I go to TIS, a terrific school. I like movies, but not movies that are too violent. I like to play soccer and play outside with my friends. Each year there is a TIS program for kids who like soccer, and we practice every Saturday. We play for about one hour and at the end of the season, we compete in a tournament with other schools. It was fun to play soccer on a team with my friends. Playing outside is fun when it's winter because of the ponds and canals in our neighborhood freeze, and I play on them with my friends. Playing piano isn't that fun, but it's fun when I get to play songs that I want to play. :-) My favorite things to eat are candy (especially gummy bears and marshmallows) and instant noodles. Drawing is one of my favorite things to do, and I like pets and animals. (12-30-15) It's almost 2016!

Hi! I'm Grace. Now that I'm 9 and in third grade, I have different opinions. I don't like barbies, but the movies are ok. I still speak Chinese and English. When I'm in America I like to go fishing with my dad. In China, I enjoy eating yummy Chinese food. Now my favorite food is noodles and candy. My favorite type of candy is sour kinds of gummies. I have an iPad now so sometimes I play games on it. I like to play outside when it's winter because the water in my neighborhood gets frozen. I love playing on it and breaking it. I actually have never fallen on the ice! I sometimes enjoy playing the piano. Boz movies are okay now, but I enjoy watching them with my baby brother, Josiah. I'm not that picky about I wear, but I now want to wear dresses only on special occasions. I love animals like cats, horses, and dogs such as huskies and golden retrievers. My favorite thing to do is draw and play. (1/3/15)

I really like to wear dresses. I like to draw. I like Boz movies, but not as much as before. We gave away all of our Barbies so now I don't play with them. I really like Christmas because it is when we celebrate when Jesus was born. (12/28/11)

I speak Chinese, and I speak English. I really like America, and I like China. I really like to go on my bike sometimes. My favorite food is shrimp and marshmallows. I really like to play outside with my ayi (helper) if she is at my home. I really like to play video games on my dad's iPhone. I really like to help my mom cook sometimes. My sister sometimes has good ideas, and sometimes I like it. I really like to watch DVDs on the weekends. I really like Boz movies. I like to play the piano. I really like to play with my Barbies. I really like to read books, especially library books. My favorite stuffed animal is my bee. I really want to get baptized. I really like dogs, but they are a lot to take care of. And I like cats. I have something that looks like a purse. It talks about what school is like. (3/10/11)