Monday, February 18, 2013

Reviewing Glen Schultz's Kingdom Education: God's Plan For Educating Future Generations

I was given Kingdom Education by a fellow administrator a couple of years ago, but I just finished the 180-page book. It is required reading for one of my M.Ed. classes I'm taking in a few months. This 16 chapter book is divided into five "Kingdom Education" sections:

1. Its Definition, Purpose, and Result
2. The Role of the Home
3. The Role of the Church
4. The Role of the School
5. The Future

Dr. Schultz's main message is that parents must ensure that their children receive an education that is biblically based. The local church must work with parents and teachers so that every child has the opportunity to receive an education that is Christ-centered. Some of what Dr. Schultz shares about public schools will likely be a surprise to many, and opinions will definitely be formed.

I believe Dr. Schultz's book has a good message. It is loaded with Scripture, and it is evident that Dr. Schultz desires the best for young people. I do think more practical solutions as to how to make Christian education a possibility for everyone would make this book even better. Church buildings definitely need to be more than a Sunday and Wednesday meeting place as Dr. Schultz stated, but much needs to change about our thinking in order for all young people to have the opportunity to receive a Christian education. Getting a Christian education is expensive, and there are many who simply cannot afford it. What can we do to make Christian schooling affordable to all? There are many Christian schools that are lacking creativity and a challenging curriculum. How can we better engage our minds and be producers instead of imitators?

I would have also liked for Dr. Schultz to write his book with a more international mindset and provide more information concerning some of the statistics he used and statements he said about America's youth. I do not want these minor criticisms to come across as if Kingdom Education is not worth reading. I am thankful to have read the book and feel Kingdom Education is an excellent book for Christians to discuss if they have anything to do with teaching today's youth. If you are a parent struggling with the schooling issue, I recommend checking out John MacArthur's Grace To You site and