Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wick's 2013 Highlights

2013 consisted of some huge ups as well as something not so fun in February. Check out past highlights at the following links: 201020112012.

January - We add Josiah to the Wickersham clan on the 20th. That makes three Chinese kids with a 9.5-year gap between the youngest and oldest. God is awesome.

February - I tear my ACL in my right knee while playing soccer with middle school students. This is tear #2 (Tear #1 occurred in my left knee while coaching high school students in 1997).

March - I set up Instagram and Twitter accounts all on my own accord. I'm just a few years late.

April - I complete my third and final Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) class and have only three summer classes to take at Columbia International University (CIU).

May - The Wickershams move to an apartment complex closer to TIS. I'm extremely happy about our new home in the peaceful setting.

June - Megan and the kiddos visit me at CIU for the first time. I'm pleasantly surprised at how much Megan enjoyed small town southern life.

July - I complete a M.Ed. in Educational Administration at CIU. I never thought I would earn a master's degree, especially one in education.

August - The Wickershams participate in the Color Run 5K in Beijing. My knee was a little achy, but I finished the race.

September - I increase my coaching responsibilities and coach 30 lady eaglet soccer players, two of which are Rose and Grace. I'm so thankful that my daughters actually want me to coach them.

October - I attend a standards-based assessment summit at the American International School of Guangzhou, China and earn a graduate credit through the State University of New York.

November - A surprise bacon sundae birthday party is thrown by Megan for my 40th. It appears we have a tradition, but I'm not sure how Megan will be able to surprise me if I reach the big 41.

December - I get the privilege to speak at my secretary's wedding and get a little choked up in the process. His permanent covenant-keeping love for us is overwhelming.