Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Fishin' With My Girls II

It looks like another fish was hungry for some bluegill. At least this guy has a sweet war wound.
My brother caught this massive redear sunfish yesterday
at Eagle Creek. We were unable to pull in the big ones.
This was the second catfish I caught this summer. They be mega ugly, but great eats.
This is a gorgeous longear sunfish that I caught at Lake Monroe. It's hard to believe he's not livin' in tropical waters.
Grace caught a nice sized catfish a day after Rose's big
catch. This was as close as Grace would get to the fish.
Rose caught her first catfish a couple of weeks ago. Before Rose could pull the guy 
onto the deck, her line snapped and the guy fell smack dab in the mud. The drought 
actually helped make sure this fish didn't get away. I got quite dirty saving the guy's 
life, and the girls were more than amused. 

Today Grace caught her first largemouth bass. He's certainly not the biggest guy in 
the world, but we'll take it. Grace was a little scared to hold him, but the new 
fishing gloves gave her some confidence. 

I love catchin' humongous bluegill like this one. He gave me massive fight.

A couple of weeks ago Grace was trying to get the courage to touch this bass. I've caught several this summer 
on a black jitterbug. Unfortunately Indiana grass is currently lookin' super sad.