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Do you have feedback? I would like to hear what has blessed you and what I can improve.

Need a speaker? I have emceed at overnight camps, preached at American and international churches, given workshops at teacher conferences, and made presentations in numerous settings (e.g., civil rights organizations, faculty and staff school meetings, global companies, school assemblies, university classrooms, youth group gatherings).

Need a writer? Perhaps you should ask my wife - she's a bit more creative than me (but not as funny). Somehow though, I have written for American universities, blogs, businesses, faith-based organizations, international schools, and publishing companies. I enjoy writing and talking about adoption, China, education, faith, leadership, sports, and TCKs.

You can send me a message through a variety of social media platforms. Click one of the social media buttons to the right. I can also be reached through the address below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Evansville Christian School
c/o Mark Wickersham
4400 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, IN 47714