Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wick's 2010 Highlights

He is good.

January – God totally changes my heart, and I feel led to become a principal. Once again I learn to never say, “I won’t ever…”.

February – I played Mr. Mom for two weeks while Megan spent time with her family in Florida and Indiana. People feed us a lot of food so we do not go hungry.

March – Megan and I get all dressed up and attend our first charity ball to raise awareness about orphans in Tianjin. Megan spends the night throwing up in our five-star room.

April – After waiting for more than three years, we receive Rose’s referral which enables us to adopt her. I cried.

May – Rose is adopted into our family and receives a Chinese passport and visa to go to America. I cried.

June – We celebrate Grace’s 4th Gotcha Day and go to America for the first time as a family of four. I cried.

July – I start a M.Ed. in Administration at Columbia International University. I learn that you should read the textbooks before beginning intensive courses.

August – Grace begins junior kindergarten, Rose starts second grade, I start a new job, and we celebrate ten years of my rebirth. God is good.

September – We move to a new home after living in our apartment complex for 7+ years. It’s my fifth apartment in China and definitely my favorite.

October – I am gifted with an iPhone 4 and now understand why people like it so much. I am starting to become an Apple snob.

November – I catch up with Megan and turn the big 37. Does this mean I am an adult now?

December – We celebrate Rose’s 4th Gotcha Day and her first as an official member of the Wickersham clan.

Celebrating Grace's Fifth Birthday at Harvest Coffeehouse