Hi, I'm Rose. I'm a freshman at Evansville Christian School (ECS), and there are only 15 kids in my entire grade. I enjoy school, but finals stress me out. I stopped playing soccer for 1.5 years because there isn't a school team for me to join. I now run XC and track for ECS and swim on the swim team. I have adapted to my new life in America and really enjoy it. Thanks for reading! (1/1/18)

Hi, I’m Rose. Here is something that you should know about me; I love soccer. I like to play it more than watching it though. I have to admit that I’m not as good as I would like to say I am. :-) I also like to read a lot so this year I joined a school club called Kids Read. I am a Christian and God is always first, but I need help remembering that sometimes. :-) I really like hanging out with the new friends that I made this year, many of whom happen to be Korean. I really feel at home in Tianjin, China, and I love my life here. (1/2/16)

Hi, I'm Rosalie, but I go by Rose. I don't like to study, although I try to do my best. I do like sports though. I really like to play soccer, and I was the only non-Korean player on an all-girls soccer team. It turned out to be really fun, and my relationship with the Korean girls and new girls grew closer. For now, I play mostly volleyball. I will be playing basketball starting next month. I just got a skateboard for Christmas, and I would like to learn how to handle it a little better. I love the Son of Man, and I enjoy reading Christian books, especially the Good Book. I was challenged earlier this year to complete 20 Christian books, and I'm enjoying reading them. (1/3/15)

O.K. The brief summary of me. I'm Rose. I'm 11 years old, adopted, and I go to TIS (Tianjin International School). I'm in the 5th grade and one of the five American girls in the entire class of 44. I'm the oldest of three Wickersham kids and a believer in Christ. I like soccer, and I'm the kind of girl that doesn't like Barbies and a lot of other girly stuff. My Chinese language skills are much better now. :-) I want to share four things I'm thankful for this past year:

1. Getting Josiah
2. Going to America, seeing family, and getting a Kindle for my birthday
3. The start of the school year - Getting to see old and new school friends
4. Getting a remote control helicopter and seeing Grace's surprised and happy face when she got an a-gel mechanical pencil from me for Christmas

That's the main thing I want to share. Thanks for reading. (1/11/14)

Hello there. My name is Rosalie Wickersham, and I'm going to tell you what I like about my life and how God has made my life good. First thing I'm thankful for that God did for me is my mother and father got me from an orphanage, and I stayed at their house when I was four and now I'm nine. I'm thankful that God helped me find a family that loves me. The second thing I'm thankful for is I have a sister named Grace that I like to play with. I like to play sports, especially soccer. I also like dodgeball. I can speak Chinese just like my sister although her Chinese is a little better than mine. Well, I still like to study Chinese. Some days I just like to go outside with my sister after I do my homework, and we have a great time together. (12/28/11)