Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Do You Read The Good Book?

I like this short and simple video. I'm sure some will be critical of it for showing what it appears to be only affluent people living in a Western country, but I think there is much to be commended here. The message is far from preachy, but it presents a powerful message - get in the Book!

"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness," 2 Timothy 3:16

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The New School Building

In a few days, the second semester of the school year starts in a brand-spankin' new school building. We have been provided an amazing facility and that will be used to bless many. It has been a lot of work to move all of our dongxi (stuff) into the new building, but I am lookin' forward to seein' the developments that will take place here in the coming years.

I was unable to capture a decent shot due to the lighting; however, I'm likin' these 
blocks in the ECC lobby. I am quite the fan of one of the kids on the block.

Perhaps Grace and I will be able to ride together on real bikes on the streets of Tianjin one day. 
Grace is in her new kindergarten class.

Megan is doin' some decoratin' in her new art classroom. It also serves as a Chinese language classroom.
The middle school classrooms have TIS blue on the accent walls,
but I'm likin' the burnt orange in Rose's 3rd grade classroom.

This is my new office. It is quite a bit larger than my last office. I have a door that leads 
to a large patio that could be used to grill some brats. Do you smell what the Wick is cookin'?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wick's 2011 Highlights

It’s a little late, but I spent some time reflecting on how good the Father has been to the Wickershams in the past year. Here are last year's highlights: 2010.

January – We spend part of our winter in snowy Indiana, and I take the girls sledding on the same hills I sledded as a boy. It totally rocked.

February – Rose and I return to Tianjin because of school and work. I play Mr. Mom, but the community provides us some meals. I am thankful for the Body.

March – Megan and Grace come back to Tianjin safe and sound. We are more than happy.

April – I got the privilege of dunking Rose on Easter Sunday. Please pray that Grace will make a public profession of faith one day.

May – TIS celebrates their 25th anniversary at the new school building. Eight of my 16 years as a professional educator has been spent in China.

June – We go to Indiana and spend a lot of time hangin’ out at parks, checkin’ out wildlife, splashin’ in creeks, walkin’ trails, and fishin’. Rose and Grace get a little more Hoosier in them.

July – I spend three weeks at Columbia International University to continue my M.Ed. studies. My second summer at CIU does not deprive me of sleep like the first summer did.

August – I begin my second year as the Middle School Principal at TIS, and the school year starts off on a good note.

September – Megan and I go south to Wuhan and attend a wonderful retreat. This was a great time to meet with other ISC administrators and their spouses.

October – My former Sunday leader and his wife make their first trip to the Middle Kingdom. We have some deep discussions on what our Father has done in our lives and how He continues to work.

November – We celebrate my 38th birthday at a nearby teppanyaki. Rose and Grace are super excited for me, and it brings me great joy.  

December – I complete half of my M.Ed. studies and look to finish during the summer of 2013. Megan continues to be a great source of encouragement and support.