Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Six Most Popular Facebook Pictures in 2016

Below are my most popular Facebook (via Instagram) pictures taken during 2016. Five of them include a little guy named Josiah Lee, and three of them were taken at birthday celebrations. All of them include smiles. Enjoy.

After living in China for a few years (19 for Megan & 13 for me), we moved back to Indiana - this time with three kids.

I ran into one of my former sixth graders at my birthday celebration at the Frankfort Great China Buffet. He grew.

Our last visit to the Great Wall of China (near Beijing)

Megan took this fun birthday pic when Josiah Lee turned the big five.

Rosalie turned 14 this summer, & Grandma Downs made a special birthday cheesecake that was super yummy!

There were many tears during the season, but Josiah Lee enjoyed being a Red Shark this day.