Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Let's Play "Name That Chip!"

Although it's a little polluted here in the big city, it's a perfect time to play "Name That Chip!". Tonight we had some new friends over, and I was very impressed with one contestant's ability to name that chip. Although he had never tried any of the unique flavors you see below, it was evident that the young man had done some studying in the grocery aisles at the local Vanguard.

Living overseas can be challenging at times, but I'm thankful how we're able to combat the challenges of overseas life with the funky chips produced by Lay's. Doesn't Hot & Sour Fish Soup, Sour Plum & Melon, and Cheese Lobster chips sound exciting? Thanks, Lay's. You da best.

I didn't care for these chips; it's like bad sour cream.
These aren't bad. If you like mutton sticks, you should like these chips.
I'm into squid, but this combo is a bit too funky for me.