Josiah Lee

Hi! My name is Josiah, and I go to Evansville Christian School. I am in kindergarten, and my favorite color is dark green. I love my parents and my sisters, Rose and Grace. I also love my friends at school. I like playing with LEGOS and playing Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 3D World on the Wii. I also like playing chess and foosball with my parents and sisters. I'm excited that I got a stuffed Mario for my birthday since he's in Super Mario 3D World. For Christmas, I got a foosball table, a Thomas the Train cuddle pillow, and a LEGO book. (12/31/17)

It has been more than two years since I've shared anything so I thought I would provide an update. I'm now a student at the ECC at Tianjin International School, and the school is a rockin' place. Despite being only four years old and having only one hand, I'm really good at foosball and have even beaten a few adults. I got a shiny new bike for Christmas, and it's called the baby dragon. I'm thankful my dad let me get it even though he despises dragons. I'm super loud, super social, and I like to scream a lot. Sometimes I hurt people's ears, but you can't deny how cute I am. Peace. (2/2/16)

It's the new year, and I thought I would provide everyone a profile update. I continue to produce a great deal of waste and sometimes have my bottom wiped multiple times in a day. My throw has improved, but I do this far less from the dining room table and more when I have a basketball in my hand. I stopped crawling, and I can even run a little bit although my form is like that of a penguin. I continue to enjoy music and dance and have started to sing using words from a language only God knows. Last but not least, my smile is still rockin' and my hair has seen tremendous growth. I even let my daddy cut it from time to time. Peace. (1/1/14)

My name is Josiah Lee, and I'm 15 months old. I like to eat. As a result of all of the eating I do, I produce a great deal of waste. This really smells, but my mom and sometimes my dad clean me up really well. I also like to throw things, but this doesn't make my dad happy. I'm getting the hang of walking although I often revert to crawling. Recently I've started to show my family that I can sing. I really like it when my dad beatboxes, and I bop my head to his mad beats. My speaking skillz are laggin'; however, I'm practicin' real hard so I can be an even bigger blessing to others. The Lord has given me a great smile which helps since my hairstyle looks like an old bald man. Please pray for growth in this area. Peace. (2/17/13)