Sunday, September 21, 2014

Why I Like Living in Tianjin, China

Yesterday a Chinese security guard asked me how long I've lived in Tianjin. He was quite surprised when I told him I've been here for more than 11 years. When I tell foreigners this, it's not uncommon for them to remark, "You must like the city." I would actually prefer living in a van down by the Ohio River, not in a city of approximately 12 million people. Despite this, there is much I appreciate about living here, and below are ten of those things.

1. Hanging out with and making new friends
2. Eating street food, especially yang rou chuanr
3. Chinese kids practicing their English skills with me
4. Riding my 100cc motorbike on the mean streets of TJ
5. Coaching my daughters and other young girls the world's greatest sport
6. Constantly learning new aspects of this ever-changing city and culture
7. Worshipping with people from around the world at our international fellowship
8. Stumbling upon a special western find that I had no idea was being sold in the city
9. Teaching sixth graders the Good Book and geography at Tianjin International School
10. Living in a nice apartment complex with easy access to huge malls and yummy restaurants