Friday, September 19, 2014

Reviewing Vance Christie's Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China

Three years ago when my former pastor paid me a visit in Tianjin, he gave me Vance Christie's biography about Hudson Taylor. Pastor Dimmick really couldn't have given me much better of a gift. I don't often read biographies, but whenever I have done so, I usually find the reads to be quite enjoyable. Vance Christie's book is definitely in that enjoyable category. Hudson Taylor: Gospel Pioneer to China is a 200-page book about a man who left the United Kingdom in 1853 to serve in the Middle Kingdom for 50 years. In the 19 chapters, you'll read some absolutely amazing accounts. Hudson Taylor faced a great deal of heartache and opposition; however, he remained committed to the work God called him to. Although the writing is simple enough for some of my sixth graders to handle, the book should engage most adults who enjoy Christian biographies. Tim Challies, my favorite blogger, gives his endorsement of the book, and you can add me to that list. Please know should you ever hear me complain about how challenging my life is overseas, you have permission to slap this book across my face. Xie xie.