Friday, September 19, 2014

Reviewing Randy Alcorn's Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions

Aside from the Good Book, Randy Alcorn's Heaven is my favorite book. Randy Alcorn has taught me much about my future home and although you may not agree with everything he says, his book will very likely make you think deeply and smile often. If you're not up for a 500-pager with tiny font, I recommend his 60-page booklet. There are many who have misunderstandings about Heaven, and this booklet can provide you solid answers supported by Scripture. Below are the book's contents.

  • Introduction
  • The Present Heaven and Future Heaven
  • Will Heaven (the New Earth) Be an Actual Place?
  • What Will Heaven Be Like?
  • What Will We Look Like in Heaven?
  • What Will We Do for All Eternity?
  • What Will Our Relationship with God Be Like?
  • Won't Heaven Be Boring?
  • Will There Be Animals on the New Earth?
  • Will We Have Our Own Homes in Heaven?
  • What Won't Be in Heaven?
  • Will Time No Longer Exist in Heaven?
  • Will We Know Everything When We Get to Heaven?
  • Will We Remember What Happened on Earth?
  • Can Those in the Present Heaven See What's Happening on Earth?
  • If People in Heaven Are Aware of Bad Things Happening on Earth, How Could It Really Be Heaven?
  • Will We Be Reunited with and Recognize Our Loved Ones in Heaven?
  • Will There Be Marriage and Family in Heaven?
  • How Can We Know for Sure That We'll Go to Heaven?

If you have any interest in knowing the answers to the above questions (if you don't, check your heart rate) or desire to share the Good News with others, spend a buck and have the book delivered to your computer in seconds. Don't be a cheapskate.

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. Revelation 21:1