Monday, September 22, 2014

Reviewing Randy Alcorn's If God is Good: Why Do We Hurt?

Another Randy Alcorn booklet I've recently read is If God is Good: Why Do We Hurt? A few years ago Megan purchased the 500-page version for me, but it continues to be a part of a stack of books I've yet to tackle. I was able to read the 75-page booklet on a recent trip, and if you desire to have a better understanding about the hurts of the world, Randy Alcorn can provide you the answers to this not so fun topic. As in previous books I've read by Mr. Alcorn, you'll find his answers supported with pages of Scripture. Below are the questions Mr. Alcorn, a man who has certainly experienced some suffering, handles with grace and truth. Check it out.

  • Introduction: The Search We All Share
  • How Is Suffering Related to Evil?
  • Where Do Evil and Suffering Come From?
  • What Causes Natural Disasters?
  • What Common Explanations Are Given for Evil and Suffering?
  • Doesn't the Reality of Evil and Suffering Expose God's Limitations?
  • Why Doesn't God Immediately Bring Evil and Suffering to an End?
  • Why Doesn't God Eliminate the Worst Forms of Evil and Suffering?
  • Can We Be Sure That Someday We'll Be Free of Suffering and Evil?
  • How True Are the "Health and Wealth Theology" Claims About Escaping Suffering?
  • Why Hasn't God Made the Reasons for Our Suffering More Clear?
  • Can We Really Trust God to Use Our Suffering for Good?
  • Is Suffering Really Necessary to Build Our Character? 
  • What's the Right Way to Respond to Our Suffering?
  • Since Suffering Is Inevitable, How Can I Prepare for It?
  • Jesus - The Only Answer Bigger Than the Questions

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. Romans 8:18