Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daddy Date #2 & #3: KFC & Pizza Hut - Tianjin, China

Because Megan and Grace are still in the States (they come back to TJ on March 6th), I have been able to have some extra quality time with Rose. Last weekend we ate at one of the 3200 KFCs in China. Although you can dine at American eateries in China, the experience can be a blend of two worlds. I chose to order a side order of shrimp with my chicken sandwich at KFC. I wonder what Colonel Sanders would have thought about that.

Today we chose to walk to the local Pizza Hut for some Western-style dining. Eating at Pizza Hut in China is quite different from eating at Pizza Hut in America. Eating at a Chinese Pizza Hut is a rather nice dining experience. In America, you might take a little league baseball team to the Hut whereas in a Chinese Pizza Hut it is not uncommon to see a young couple on a date. The menu also has a Chinese flavor to it. Rose ordered a pasta dish while I ordered a rice dish with cheese and chicken. I was not in the mood for pizza. :-)

Rose chose to bring the $1 binoculars we bought her for Christmas. Those things have been quite the hit!

There are lots of restaurants and stores near our home.