Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reviewing Brian "Head" Welch's Washed By Blood: Lessons from My Time with Korn and My Journey to Christ

I was surprised to be gifted with Washed By Blood: Lessons from My Time with Korn and My Journey to Christ for Christmas by a family friend. Brian "Head" Welch is the former lead guitarist for Korn, an American heavy metal band that has won many awards, earned millions of dollars, and has had a huge following for more than a decade now. It is my understanding that the book is quite similar to Welch's first book and New York Times bestseller, Save Me From Myself. Apparently, the difference between the books is the version I have is written for teenagers so it does not contain the profanity and graphic details that Head's bestseller possesses. Washed By Blood also contains study questions at the end of each chapter, unlike Head's first book.

When I learned about Head's profession of faith a few years ago, I shared it with my brother who was once a fan of Korn. Although Washed By Blood is written for younger audiences, Head talks about his battles with anger, depression, drugs, suicide, and other serious topics. Part One (chapters 1-10) is called Life Without God, and Part Two is called God Finds Me (chapters 11-19). Part One and Two are quite different in that if you are not a Christian, portions of Part Two might seem a little odd to you. I totally respect Head's authenticity, humility, desire to be a good father, and hunger to grow in his relationship with Christ, but it should be noted that some of Welch's theology (prophetic dreams, prayer language, visions from Heaven) is very unorthodox. His association with controversial evangelists such as Todd Bentley and Kim Clement have undoubtedly influenced him. Despite this, I love hearing testimonies, and I am sure God will continue to use Head and his books to make an eternal impact on the lives of others.