Friday, December 17, 2010

A Gotcha Day Interview with Rose (Part 1)

DAD: Today is your Gotcha Day Rose. Why don't you tell the world what Gotcha Day is.
ROSE: Gotcha Day is all about when you got me from the orphanage.
DAD: What do you think about Gotcha Day?
ROSE: I think Gotcha Day is a great day because God put me in this family.
DAD: I think it's super great. What would you like to do on your Gotcha Day?
ROSE: Anything would be fine with me.
DAD: Would you like a bunch of worms?
DAD: But you said anything would be fine with you (We look at each other and smile.).
ROSE: Well, I wouldn't eat gross things or do gross things on my Gotcha Day or on any other day.
DAD: There are many cultures that do not describe eating worms as a gross thing. In fact there are people right now eating worms and enjoying it.
ROSE: Well, I wouldn't want to eat worms and enjoy it. I would want to go to a restaurant or mom cook for us...yummy food for us. 
DAD: What is mom cooking for you today?
ROSE: For breakfast, mom is cooking pancakes for us.
DAD: Yum. Where would you like to go for lunch or dinner?
ROSE: Probably Brazilian Barbeque.
DAD: Really? But mom does not like that food very much. What about the new Pizza Hut around the corner?
ROSE: No thanks.
DAD: Really? So where do you want to go? 
ROSE: I would want to go to a place our whole family likes.
DAD: But we all like Pizza Hut, and we have never been to the new one in our neighborhood. So where do you want to go? 
ROSE: Maybe the new place the Geswein family showed me...near Papa John' the building Papa John's the building where Coldstone Creamery is. 
DAD: But that place is far. The traffic will be bad. It will take a long time to get there. There are a lot of yummy options closer. What restaurant are you talking about? ROSE: It's a Hong Kong restaurant. And the dish I got there was really yummy so I want to go there again.
DAD: Hong Kong restaurant (with a puzzled face)? Really? Is this a Dim Sum restaurant? You really want to go there for your Gotcha Day (with a puzzled face)? 
ROSE: Really.
DAD: But it's far away and will take a long time to get there. Aren't there a bunch of closer restaurants that are just as yummy if not yummier?  
ROSE: Okay, we can choose a different restaurant. 
DAD: Let's talk more about this after breakfast.