Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year in Review: An Interview with Rose & Grace

Dad: 2010 is almost over. We only have one hour and 45 minutes before 2011 arrives. Do you girls think you will be able to stay awake to ring in the new year?
Grace: Yes. 
Rose: Well, I'm not really sure.
Dad: Grace, do you know what it means to ring in the new year? 
Grace: It's almost the new year. That's what it means. Does it mean that daddy? Does it really? Daddy, is it? Is it daddy? Daddy!
Dad: Yes, you are right Grace. To ring in the new year means to celebrate the beginning of the new year at the stroke of midnight. Rose, what are some things that you liked that occurred during 2010?  
Rose: What does occurred mean?
Dad: I'm sorry. When something occurs, that just means that something has happened.
Rose: Oh. Well, friends came over for dinner, and I really liked that. And the whole morning we went bowling, and we had lunch at the bowling place. I really liked that too.
Dad: Now you understand that I'm asking about the entire year and not just about today, right?
Rose: Oh okay. I'll tell the whole world about it. This Christmas was fun because I got this new game called Cadoo and our family played it once, and I really liked it. You can draw and like, uh, play with some play-doh that came with it, but ours didn't have it so mom made it.
Dad: What else did you like about 2010?
Rose: I also liked on December 3rd we had a fun play that my music teacher directed. I think she got it from a book called The Plane Truth.
Dad: Now you know that you are only telling me about events that occurred in December, right?
Rose: Right, I know. But I'm still trying to think about other events like Easter and stuff like that. But I have my mind on like other years like 2008 or 7. Well, this Easter we watched other kids get baptized and one of the kids was my friend Maya.
Dad: That was special to see your friends get baptized, huh?
Rose: Yeah, that was kind of interesting. When Maya made her speech she added a song to go with it. The speech is how you became a Christian. 
Dad: We need to talk about that with you soon. It is important to be able to share your testimony with others.
Rose: I really do, but I don't know what to say in my speech so we might need to talk about it like you said.
Dad: No worries. We'll do this very soon.
Rose: Okay. 
Dad: Grace, what did you think about 2010? What did you like that occurred this year?
Grace: On Christmas, we got to open presents on Jesus' birthday.
Dad: That was cool. What else did you like about this year?
Grace: Going to school. I'm still going to school, but on January I'm going to school for a couple of days because I'm going to America. 
Dad: That will be nice, huh?
Grace: Yeah.
Dad: Do you girls know what I liked about 2010?
Grace: No.
Rose: What did you like? 
Grace: What did you like dad? What is it?
Dad: Well there were many things that God did in 2010 that I liked, but one thing that comes to mind is that Rose was officially adopted into our family.
Rose: Yay.
Dad: I think we'll stop this interview. Is that okay?
Rose and Grace: Yeah.
Dad: I love you girls.
Grace: I love you too.
Rose: Me too.
Dad: That's nice.

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