Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Gotcha Day Interview with Rose and Grace (Part II)

DAD: So Rose, how do you feel about your Gotcha Day?
ROSE: I feel good about my Gotcha Day.
DAD: Please tell the world what we did today.
ROSE: For lunch, we went to Lotteria.
DAD: Okay, time-out. There are lots of people who don't know what Lotteria is.
ROSE: Lotteria is in the E-Mart complex, and E-Mart is in Tianjin, China. It is close to Ao-Cheng, an apartment complex. Your turn.
DAD: You still haven't told people what Lotteria is. :-) You've only told people where Lotteria is. :-)
ROSE: Lotteria is a restaurant which has a small playground in it. And our family kind of likes it - especially Grace, my little sister.
DAD: I like it a lot. Mom, Do you like Lotteria? What do think about Lotteria?
MOM: Yes, I like it too. It's not my favorite in the whole world, but I like it.
DAD: Grace, can you tell us more about what kind of restaurant Lotteria is? 
GRACE: It's a nice restaurant.
DAD: Anything else? What kind of food do they serve?
GRACE: Burgers and, um, cheese sticks.
DAD: Rose, what did we do after eating lunch at Lotteria?
ROSE: We went to a fun game place. There are lots of games there.
DAD: Grace, what kind of games did you play?
GRACE: A drum game. Um, a motorcycle game. 
DAD: Rose, can you remember any other games we played?
ROSE: I tried to get a little stuffed animal, but it was really hard so I didn't get it. And we played a little basketball game. It was really fun.
DAD: Grace, where did we go after playing games at the arcade?
GRACE: We went to Pizza Hut and got a dessert. It was good.
DAD: Pizza Hut? Are you sure? 
DAD: It was actually Pizza Hill.
GRACE: Oh, Hill.
DAD: What did you get there Rose?
ROSE: I got a Cookie Blast. It was really ice cream.
DAD: It's called a milkshake Rose.
DAD: Grace, what did you get?
GRACE: I got different kinds of ice cream in my special bowl.
DAD: Grace, isn't ice cream too cold to eat in the winter?
GRACE: Well, I like to eat ice cream.
DAD: Do you remember what daddy and mommy had? 
GRACE: Coffee.
DAD: Yup. So Rose, how do you rate your Gotcha Day?
ROSE: What does that mean daddy?
DAD: Would you give your Gotcha Day an A, B, C, D, or F?
ROSE: I would give it an A.
DAD: Really? You really enjoyed your Gotcha Day?
ROSE: Most of it I did.
DAD: What did you not like?
ROSE: I didn't like when the motorcycle was broken in my game.
DAD: Yeah, that stunk. Grace, did you enjoy Rose's Gotcha Day?
GRACE: Yes.  Especially when I got to eat, um, cheese sticks.
DAD: Yeah, cheese sticks rock. Grace, aren't you glad that God brought Rose into our family?
DAD: Isn't it super cool to have a big sis?
GRACE: Yes. I can play with her.
DAD: Yeah, God is good.
ROSE: God is good! 
GRACE: Yeah!
MOM: All the time.

Hunkering down on a mean burger

Mommy and Rose

Grace enjoyin' some ice cream at Pizza Hill