Thursday, December 25, 2014

Five Funky Lay's Chip Flavors

I tend to be what some might call an adventurous eater. Over the years I've eaten a wide variety of animals (and their special animal parts), both raw and cooked. Basically, if the animal wasn't endangered or alive, I would eat it (to the glory of God of course). When I moved to Korea in 2002, I started blogging about the unique dishes that found their way to my stomach. Although I've slowed down in my search for funky foods, I do enjoy trying different snacks that others might shy away from. Below are five funky Lay's chip flavors that seem normal to me now. With the exception of the sour plum and melon, I would be fine eating any of the chip flavors below. I think the sour plum and melon is a bit too funky, but the other flavors fall under the "I'll eat them if they're being served, but I won't buy them" rule. They're not cool ranch Doritos, but they are deep fried slices of potato. Yum.

Sweetie Barbecued Pork
Fermented Soy Bean Prawn
Italian Red Meat

Wildly Grilled Rib
Sour Plum & Melon