Friday, January 9, 2015

Reviewing Theodore J. Kowalski's Case Studies on Educational Administration

Typically I'm not a fan of textbooks, but Case Studies on Educational Administration can actually make for an interesting read. Theodore Kowalski provides 24 unique case studies that help educators think about possible job scenarios, ways to tackle them, and the solutions that can come about. An introduction identifying key concepts and areas for reflection are provided before each case study, and each study ends with three parts:

1. Problem framing
2. Questions and suggested activities
3. Suggested reading and references

I read this book for a grad class I took at CIU, and it was good for me to discuss the case studies with my classmates. The book helped us formulate important questions we wouldn't have asked, share mistakes we could have avoided, and figure out how to resolve complex matters in the right way. The studies cover a wide range of issues involving weak administrators, maverick school board members, tough students, and more. Each case requires you to:

1. See the situation correctly
2. Devise possible solutions to the problem (s)
3. Use facts to respond to politics and emotions
4. Develop and integrate knowledge as you imagine being in the situation

I recommend this book to any school administrator or anyone who is considering being a principal. The cases are generally only four to eight pages long, and they would be good to discuss amongst administrators and other school leaders.