Friday, January 9, 2015

Reviewing Mark L. Vincent's Speaking About Money: Reducing the Tension

The most popular book of all time has much to say about money. The Good Shepherd talks about money more than any other subject. It is often said that matters concerning money are what couples argue about the most. Money may not be the most important thing we have, but don't tell a poor person that money isn't important. Because money is important, I took a grad course about raising funds and resources. Mark Vincent's book, Speaking About Money, was one of three books I read for the class. The 144-page book is divided into three parts and ten chapters.

Part I. Christian beliefs about money
Chapter 1 - Christian beliefs about money
Chapter 2 - Your life with money
Chapter 3 - Money messages
Part II. Perceptions about money
Chapter 4 - How people construct money perceptions
Part III. Talking about money in the church
Chapter 5 - The leader's role
Chapter 6 - Worship and money
Chapter 7 - Preparing the ground for talking about money
Chapter 8 - Leading people through money decisions
Chapter 9 - Communicating about money management
Chapter 10 - Planning for change

The book's primary audience is faith-based nonprofit leaders, Christian school leaders, and pastors; however, Scripture isn't introduced until page 39. On page 50 there is a quote stating that money is evil, but this is an incorrect view. 1 Timothy 6:10 states that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, not money itself. Despite these observations, Speaking About Money provides practical information and shows us what it means to be good stewards. Additionally, three useful appendices are provided - a glossary, index, and selected bibliography.