Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ten Things I'll Miss About Being a Principal

Two days ago I announced that after this school year I will no longer be serving as the middle school principal at Tianjin International School. After four years as an administrator, I will be returning to my former position of teaching sixth graders the Good Book and social studies. I am excited that I'll be back in the classroom full-time, but there will certainly be some aspects of my job that I'll miss. In no particular order, below are ten things I'll miss about being a principal.

1. Congratulating a student for being accepted to our school
2. Interviewing an excellent teaching candidate
3. Working closely with like-minded administrators
4. Presenting information to parents about school programs
5. Speaking at student assemblies on a monthly basis
6. Making decisions that enhance the school's appearance
7. Engaging students during classroom observations
8. Creating and improving school programs
9. Emceeing major school and divisional events
10. Helping and praying with so many teachers, parents, and students