Friday, January 2, 2015

The 2014-15 Wickersham Christmas Break

Sometimes when you think about being away from family in the States or about exotic vacations friends are taking in Southeast Asia, you can start believing your Christmas break wasn't so fun. I wish I could give Satan, the father of lies, a karate chop to the face. That would be cool. Thankfully I don't need to do that 'cause the Son of Man has already given the death blow to the guy. Below are ten most excellent things the Wickershams experienced during the Christmas break (and it ain't even over).

1. The kiddos went to a giant play place that was new to us and got their bounce on. Megan and I went on a date at a nearby bench - I brought us McDonald's.
2. Rose and Grace went ice skating with their friends at the Galaxy Mall. No bones were broken.
3. I watched the Hobbit with Rose (I purchased it quite some time ago, but just hadn't gotten around to watching it). Hobbit 2 is playing in our home this weekend so I'll be ready for #3 when it's released in China later this month.
4. We received a warm greeting at a delicious restaurant we hadn't visited in awhile.
5. We spent New Year's Eve at a Holiday Inn in a part of the city we hadn't really explored.
6. Grace and Josiah were super excited to buy some Lego sets with their Christmas money. The prices didn't get me super excited, but their smiles were worth it.
7. We went to a couple of special birthday celebrations (#16 for a TIS student and the big 40 for a colleague).
8. We rode the public bus and subway a few times and have a better understanding of how to get around in this massive city of millions.
9. We sang Christmas carols in our neighborhood and had our annual Christmas Eve gathering in our apartment. Some friends came over the next evening as well.
10. We celebrated the Son of Man's birth, death, and resurrection, and we continue to do.