Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thank You For Stealing My Wife's iPhone

Earlier this month, Megan had an iPhone 4 and a nice chunk of change swiped. That can put a little damper on your day, but we must rejoice always and give thanks in all circumstances, right? Below are ten reasons why I am thankful Megan's iPhone is being used by someone else.

1. Friends encouraged us with gifts and words of kindness.
2. I was able to bless Megan with my iPhone 5.
3. I was reminded how all we have is simply on loan, and that a new home free from bills, anger, and prison cells is being prepared for me.
4. I was also reminded how wealthy I am, and how much of the world lives in extreme poverty.
5. I thought of Scripture that states how we have a Sovereign God of justice, mercy, hope, and peace.
6. I was tested and had to tap into the Spirit's power in order to have Christlike thoughts.
7. I prayed for the thief, Megan, and myself.
8. I fought my sin nature and focused on the finished work of the cross.
9. It gave me another opportunity to teach my children and 6th graders how we live in a sinful world that the Son of Man will restore.
10. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.