Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lay's Fun Wasabi Shrimp Flavor Chips & Spicy Green Peppercorn Fish Flavor Chips Are Da' Bomb Diggity!

Although I'm fine w/ being a meat-and-potatoes guy, the TCK in me also doesn't mind a little adventure in my dining experiences. Yesterday I picked up a flavor of Lay's chips that makes sense to my Hoosier and Japanese makeup - fun wasabi shrimp flavor. I like how this flavor is described as fun. A few months ago I picked up a bag of Lay's spicy green peppercorn fish flavor chips. These chips weren't described as fun, but I found them to be just as fun as the Lay's fun wasabi shrimp flavor chips. Perhaps they are even more fun. They have a dead fish floating on the cover of the bag, and I think that definitely puts them in the fun category. Although shrimp and corn fish flavor chips may not sound appealing to you, I have bought both flavors multiple times. The bags state the date of minimum durability is nine months, but this isn't a concern for me since they get eaten up within minutes after I purchase them. You betcha I can't eat just one.