Friday, January 28, 2011

Do We Respond Humbly To Criticism?

Although the three links I provided are geared for pastors, all us can definitely benefit from what was written.

Not Radical Individualism - A Reply to Dr. John MacArthur by Darrin Patrick - Pastor Patrick responds humbly to Pastor MacArthur's critique of his book.

The Pastor And Personal Criticism by C.J. Mahaney - Pastor Mahaney reminds us we must be prepared for criticism and that our response to it is absolutely critical.

What is a Good Reason For A Pastor To Stay At One Church For A Long Time? by Brian Croft - Pastor Croft shares about an elderly woman who once publicly attacked and slandered him.

Here is a picture of me coaching a soccer team of
 middle school girls in Tianjin, China (Fall 2009).