Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Names of the Wickersham Kids

Why Grace Noel?

A mini roller coaster in Tianjin
Megan and I had some difficulty agreeing on what name to select for our first child. We had difficulty agreeing upon the name until I mentioned Grace. I am a trophy of grace. I’ve committed countless sins over the course of my life yet the God of the universe is actually going to give me a child to raise up. Wow. That’s grace – a God-given gift that I, a wrath-deserving sinner, don’t deserve. And Noel? It’s a word meaning the birth of Christ. That’s the name of our first, Grace Noel. An interracial couple giving a Chinese nine-month-old names of Latin and French origins. Makes perfect sense to me.

Why Rosalie?

Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium
Our second and oldest child came to our family having already been named Rose. Great name. I’m so thankful I wasn’t introduced to a four-year-old Jezebel or Delilah back in 2006. I like stressing Rose’s name in verses and songs that state how Christ rose from the grave. Megan and I wanted to modify Rose’s name though since she was joining our forever family and becoming an official Wickersham. Sort of a Sarai to Sarah thing. We chose Rosalie since Lee is Megan’s middle name, and in honor of one of Megan’s aunts.

Why Josiah Lee?  

King Josiah, King of Judah from approximately 640 to 609 B.C. and an ancestor of the Son of Man, had great influence from an early age. You can read about him in 2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronicles 34-35 and learn how he responded to God’s Word honorably by living obediently to God’s commands. King Josiah was a God-fearing leader of religious reform who restored the observance of the Passover, renewed the covenant, repaired the temple, removed witches and mediums from the land, and rediscovered the Book of the Law. I hope our Josiah can not only be like King Josiah but like the true and better Josiah, Jesus Christ.

So there you have it - Grace Noel, Rosalie, and Josiah. I’m floored our Heavenly Father has chosen me to be the father of these three amazing kiddos. They have been a tremendous blessing to us, and I look forward to seeing how their lives shape out.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Waiting for our food at the Waffle House in Avon, Indiana (June 2014)