Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reviewing Christie Reenders' Pockets Full of Popcorn

Pockets Full of Popcorn is a cute 20-page children's story that takes place where I live, the great city of Tianjin, China. As you read about a cold winter day adventure of two young girls and their mom, you're provided a glimpse of the unique Tianjin culture. An appropriate "Chinese" font is used throughout the book and Chinese translation is provided on every story page. At the back of the book, you're provided additional information about ten aspects of Chinese culture encountered on this fun popcorn outing. A glossary of eight Chinese words used in the story is also provided. These words are found in red throughout the story. The illustrations by Feng Ai Dong are in a folk art style and lend well to the story. Colors are bright, people are smiling, and different scenes of daily life are shown. I recommend this book to those who have children and an interest in Chinese culture. If you have any connection to Tianjin, perhaps this book would be of interest to you as well. I look forward to reading to my son more adventures from Christie in her "Seasons of Living in China" series.