Saturday, October 4, 2014

Reviewing Curtis Allen's Does God Listen to Rap?: Christians and the World's Most Controversial Music

I became a fan of rap during my upper elementary years when I sported red parachute pants and wore out a breakdance cassette tape on my Toshiba boom box. You gotta love the 80s. Although I no longer wear pants with zippers all of over them, I still often listen to rap. My rap collection has changed quite a bit over the years. No longer do I listen to what I would now deem as controversial crap, but instead what many would have to respect for great theological depth and creative artistry.

Last year when I saw that Curtis Allen, one of my favorite rappers, released a book about rap, you know I dropped the paper, pronto! Does God Listen to Rap? taught me not only a great deal about how rap music came to be but about the differences between much of the rap music I listen to today. It really was a fascinating read. Below you can read the chapter contents. Perhaps many would not be interested in this book, but if you have ever enjoyed the music of Lecrae, Trip Lee, or Shai Linne, I highly recommend checking out Does God Listen to Rap? The book is easy-to-read, has received glowing reviews, and points you to the One who gave us music. Peace out.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD! Psalm 150:6
  1. Reformed Rap? The Story Behind This Book
  2. Dirty Roots - The Origins of Rap
  3. Rotten Fruit - The Influence of Rap
  4. The Indictment of Origin - What's Missing from Heaven's Playlist
  5. The Acquittal of Conversion - God is a Redeemer
  6. Rap and the Mission of the Church - Of Similarity and Sin