Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reviewing Keith Mathison's A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture

How old is the universe? R.C. Sproul, who provides the book's foreword, was asked this question at the 2012 Ligonier Ministries National Conference. Dr. Keith Mathison explores the question and more in this very short book. If you are a believer who has any interest in science, you might enjoy reading A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture. I do believe some will expect a more in-depth analysis of the topic. Below are the titles and summaries of the seven chapters.
  1. All Truth is God's Truth - A God-centered view of truth
  2. General and Special Revelation - What is the Reformed distinction?
  3. Interpreting General and Special Revelation - An examination of Martin Luther's and John Calvin's responses to new sixteenth-century astronomical theories
  4. Luther, Calvin, and Copernicus - How can we learn from the mistakes of others?
  5. Earthly Things and Heavenly Things - The fall's impact on human reasoning
  6. When Science and Scripture Conflict - How should Christians respond?
  7. The Age of the Universe and Genesis 1 - Dr. Sproul's answer