Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reviewing David Murray's DVD, God's Technology

In God's Technology, Dr. David Murray presents to us biblical methods to train children so they can use technology in a way that honors God. I have benefited greatly from Dr. Murray's blog over at HeadHeartHand, and the same can be said from this DVD. In this 40 minute DVD that is compatible in all regions, Dr. Murray provides us four biblical principles:

1. Technology is created by God.
2. Technology is not essentially sinful.
3. Technology has many good uses.
4. Technology has been perverted.

Three possible responses to technology are:
1. An enthusiastic embrace
2. A strict separation
3. Disciplined discernment

Of course, the way to use technology is in a disciplined discerning manner. After discussing the possible responses to technology, a seven-step training program is covered:

1. Educate
2. Fence (anti-virus, firewalls, time boundaries, site limits, personal information, downloads)
3. Mentor
4. Supervise
5. Review
6. Trust
7. Model

We are then shown how to apply the seven steps when using Facebook with children. At the school I work at, the students use MacBooks so I have been asked several times how we can help the students be responsible digital citizens. It would have been nice to have owned this DVD last year. I am thankful that this DVD is now in our school library, and I will be recommending it to many teachers and parents.