Saturday, March 5, 2011

Daddy Date #4: Golden Phoenix Cafe/Bakery - Tianjin, China

During my eight years in Tianjin, I have seen a crazy amount of changes. One change that has taken place in TJ is in the availability of coffee. Nowadays you can find a coffeehouse on every street corner. This has resulted in better coffee and at more reasonable prices. For only 8 RMB ($1.20 USD), I am able to purchase a decent cup of joe at the Jin Xiang (Golden Phoenix) Cafe/Bakery. At this local cafe, they sell some funky sandwiches that the girls and I like. My only knock on this place is the music. Unfortunately, this nation has also imported Eminem's profanity-laced rap. I am thankful we heard only one of his explicit songs and that Rose cannot understand a single word he is sayin'.

Rose had the chocolate milk, not the coffee. :)

Rose is dreaming about a pretty cake that is
being advertised all over the bakery.