Friday, November 19, 2010

Reviewing Nancy Pearcey's Total Truth

Nancy Pearcey, former scholar for worldview studies at Philadelphia Biblical University's Center for University Studies, wrote Total Truth in 2004. The 512-page Study Guide edition was published the next year and won a Christianity Today Award of Merit and the ECPA Gold Medallion Book Award in the Christian and Society category. Total Truth is one of seven additional books you must choose from to read in order to complete the ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education requirements. It is a book that helps the reader understand how to develop a Biblical worldview and is a follow-up book dealing with the worldview themes in How Now Shall We Live?. Pearcey shows us that there are many, including Christian educators, who are dividing matters into sacred and secular. This is even happening at Christian universities across the United States. Many Christians fail to see that all truth is God's truth. Christianity is not just religious truth, but total truth. I have met in small groups on a couple different occasions to discuss the contents of this book, and more meetings are planned for the future. Total Truth is not light reading and much can be taken from it. I found the last two sections to be more enjoyable than the first two sections primarily because I found the first two sections to contain a lot of information that I have already read. Despite that, I benefited greatly from reading Total Truth and would recommend it to others.