Saturday, October 17, 2015

Reviewing John Seyfarth's Human Resource Leadership For Effective Schools

Human Resource Leadership For Effective Schools was one my required M.Ed. textbooks at CIU. It consists of 14 chapters which are outlined below.

1. Human Resources Leadership and Effective Schools
2. Planning for Staffing Needs
3. Evaluating and Selecting Applicants
4. Selecting Administrative and Support Personnel
5. Motivation of Personnel
6. Induction
7. Professional Development for Educational Personnel
8. Evaluating Employee Performance
9. Compensation and Rewards
10. Creating Productive Work Environments
11. Legal Issues in Human Resources
12. Collective Bargaining in Schools
13. Managing Conflict in Schools
14. Termination and Reduction in Force

This 300-page book uses the latest research, provides real-life applications, and emphasizes the relationship of the decisions of human resource leadership to student learning effectiveness. The end of each chapter contains a nice summary, a few suggested activities, several online resources, some case studies, and numerous references. Although the book is an excellent resource for school principals (e.g., classes, meetings, workshops), it's ridiculously overpriced. I recommend purchasing a used copy, renting the book, going to the library, or locating a foreign or online edition that could be much, much cheaper.