Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reviewing Ella K. Lindvall's The Bible In Pictures For Toddlers

The Bible In Pictures For Toddlers contains 70 Bible stories (36 from the Old Testament) and is designed for children ages 1-4. Award-winning author Ella K. Lindvall certainly has the credentials to write such a book. She is a mother, has taught kindergarten and first grade, and has written other Bibles for children. There are many positives to the 144-page book. They include...

  • It's a small book that a toddler can hold.
  • It has a slightly padded cover.
  • A foreword and table of contents are included.
  • The colorful pictures are very kid-friendly and found on every page. Almost everyone is happy - even the monkeys during the flood.
  • The stories and their titles are short and use simple words (e.g., God Makes People, Ruth is Kind).
  • Every story has Bible references.
  • Many of the stories ask questions (e.g., Do you share?, Where is the lady?).
  • Difficult topics are gently addressed (e.g., sacrificing animals, disobedience, the destruction of a city, war, Satan).
  • It shows the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of the Son of Man.
There are several aspects of the book that some people may not like such as...

  • Only on one page do we see people of different ethnicities. Apparently, Adam and Eve, Egyptians, angels, the children the Son of Man loves and the people He feeds are all white. I really do love white people (I'm married to one, and I'm half white); however, updated illustrations would make this book much better.
  • The author states that God no longer talks out loud to people.
  • Only three magi are shown.
  • John the Baptist is pouring water on the Son of Man's head during His baptism.
  • The Son of Man turns water into juice and not wine. Because I'm a little boy I'll take juice over wine any day, but let's not change what the Bible says.
  • The book ends with Acts 16:25-31. What about Romans to Revelation
  • There is no mention of Hell.
Despite what I've mentioned above, I have absolutely no problemo reading this book to my Chinese son. I believe The Bible In Pictures For Toddlers will bless us tremendously, and any theological differences or literary criticisms I have can be addressed as we discuss the contents of the book. 

to the only wise God be glory forevermore through Jesus Christ! Amen. Romans 16:27