Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reviewing Brian J. Walsh's & J. Richard Middleton's The Transforming Vision: Shaping a Christian Worldview

The Transforming Vision was a book I was assigned to read for a Cedarville University education class I took several years ago. It is divided into four parts and consists of twelve chapters:

Part 1: What are Worldviews?
Chapter 1: Worldview and Culture
Chapter 2: Analyzing Worldviews
Part 2: The Biblical Worldview
Chapter 3: Based on Creation
Chapter 4: Acknowledging the Fall
Chapter 5: Transformed by Redemption 
Part 3: The Modern Worldview 
Chapter 6: The Problem of Dualism 
Chapter 7: The Development of Dualism 
Chapter 8: The Rise of the Secular Worldview 
Chapter 9: The Gods of Our Age
Part 4: The Biblical Worldview in Action
Chapter 10: A Christian Cultural Response
Chapter 11: Worldview and Scholarship
Chapter 12: Toward a Christian Philosophical Framework

The premise of this 215-page book is that society is a wreck and only through a Christian worldview can it truly be transformed. Dr. Walsh and Dr. Middleton desire to see every facet of life transformed - families, schools, businesses, governments, and more. They explain how the Christian worldview is the key to that transformation.

The Transforming Vision is a good book that is well-documented and biblically sound, but it reads very much like a college textbook. It is not a challenging read, but it definitely requires some reflection. I have read a few books pertaining to the topic of worldviews, and The Transforming Vision is not at the top of my list of most enjoyable worldview reads. I recommend Chuck Colson's How Now Shall We Live? for something that is both engaging and thought-provoking. James Sire's The Universe Next Door provides a better overview of major non-Christian worldviews. Although I have recommended reading other worldview books, I did benefit from reading The Transforming Vision and believe it will continue to bless many others.