Saturday, March 17, 2012

Daddy Date: The Magnetic Capital Videogame Arcade - Tianjin, China

Today Megan and Rose went to the fabric market so Grace and I rode to a nearby videogame arcade. There are
 actually a couple arcades within walking distance, but the environments are not as kid-friendly. The bike trailer 
was a Christmas gift for the girls, and it turns a lot of heads around here. You do not see too many six-year-olds 
pedaling on the streets of TJ.
We've stopped here a couple of times to play games over the years. You pay a little money for a bunch of
 tokens that allow you to play a million games. It's much cheaper to visit arcades here than it is in the States. 
Grace only wanted to play this drum game once. It was givin' her arms a workout that wasn't fun, but 
my mighty pythons didn't have any problemos drumming away.
Grace scored five points in this basketball game. Shewas hesitant to play because 
she didn't  think she would score any baskets, but my girl got game!