Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daddy Date: Golden Hans - Tianjin, China

Last Saturday Megan went to Tianjin's new IKEA, and today she went antique 
shopping. That meant Rose, Grace, and I had another daddy's date. We decided 
to go to a restaurant Megan does not care for much - a chaincalled Golden Hans.
The girls and I really like this restaurant. It's a churrascaria (Brazilian steakhouse), but they also function as a 
"German" brewery. Our waiter chuckledwhen I chose not to order any brewskis. I chose to get some Coke, 
instant coffee, and warm milk. Rose and Grace approved. 
The waiters wear cool cowboy hats and bring around lots of meat on bigsticks. 
It is a good thing we aren't vegetarians.
Grace is enjoying some ox tongue. I chose to skip the taste buds, but I did hunker down on some pig heart. 
The girls thought it was too spicy.  
These are fried pumpkin cakes and they are lip-smackin' good. Unfortunately my Chinese readin' skillz are pathetic 
so I'm not sure what the cake says. If I had to guess, it might say, "Put me in your mouth 'cause I b so tasty." 
Here is the menu of 20 items that the cowboys bring to your tables. It includes prawn, garlic belly pork, black 
pepper sausage, lamb's leg, Mongolian style mutton, chicken wings, and more. In addition to this, there is a 
buffet that you can visit repeatedly if you desire to be a glutton. What's the cost? 103 RMB ($16.32 USD) for
 the three of us. You can eat for a lot cheaper in this neck of the woods, but it was a daddy's date. We had fun.