Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reviewing Helmut Thiekicke's A Little Exercise For Young Theologians

I ordered A Little Exercise For Young Theologians from Amazon this summer for a theology class that I plan to take in the near future. I was not familiar with the author or the book prior to this summer.

Helmut Thielicke was a German Protestant preacher and professor who wrote A Little Exercise For Young Theologians nearly 50 years ago. The 50-page book consists of 13 short chapters with an introduction by Martin E. Marty, a prominent American Lutheran religious scholar. Thielicke wrote this book in an effort to inspire students, teachers, and preachers to theological excellence and to take responsibility within local communities. He was particularly concerned that those with a background in theology have an ability to effectively communicate with everyday people.

Every review I read of Thielicke's book states this book is a good or great read for both new and seasoned students of the Word. I wholeheartedly agree that it is of the utmost importance that no one becomes arrogant in their theological pursuits. We have far too many people who do not balance grace and truth as they grow in their knowledge of the Lord. However, I do feel that another translation from the publishers could reach more people. Most lay people will have difficulty with the language found in this book. Thielicke was not writing to today's American audience, and this challenge will very like turn many people away. Despite appearing to be a quick read, A Little Exercise For Young Theologians should be prayerfully read in a reflecting manner.