Monday, September 26, 2011

Reviewing David Strahan's Promoting Harmony: Young Adolescent Development & Classroom Practices

Promoting Harmony: Young Adolescent Development & Classroom Practices is another book that I read for an admin class I am taking through CIU. This third edition was published over two years ago by the Association for Middle Level Education (formerly known as the National Middle School Association). The 110-page book only has five chapters and is a quick read. Chapter titles include Moments of Harmony: Relationships as the Essence of Good Teaching, Intellectual and Emotional Development, Physical and Sexual Development, Social, Personal, and Moral Development, and Promoting Harmony in Middle Level Classrooms. Student interviews are found in the first four chapters, and I found them to be perhaps the best part of the book. A few small black and white pictures are sprinkled throughout the book. Although Promoting Harmony was not an exciting read, it did assist me in making a few improvements to a Sixth Grade Parent Night presentation that I make at the start of every school year. I do have to mention that I find the cover to be absolutely hilarious. The kids look like they belong in high school or even college. What up wit' dat?!