Saturday, February 17, 2018

Why I'm Thankful to Live in America

Presidents' Day is on Monday, a day to honor the incumbent president and all previous U.S. presidents. During my time overseas from 2002 to 2016, we had two very different presidents that led us through a great deal of change in America. Some of the changes weren't the best; however, there is much about this country that is a big-time blessing. I'm thankful that my children can receive a Christ-centered education now and later as adults. We can listen to Christian radio and even get our dance on. Below are five more reasons why I'm thankful to live in the US of A.

1. There is no shortage of churches in this country. Each month there are 214 churches and Christian properties destroyed around the world.

2. We have access to a million Christian resources at local stores and libraries. Over 200 million African Christians don't own a Bible, and millions of leaders lack written materials to equip their ministry.

3. I'm free to witness and share the gospel with others. Approximately 215 million Christians experience significant persecution.

4. Christian websites aren't blocked. I haven't always had that free online access.

5. I don't have to be concerned about hosting Bible studies in my home. That's certainly not the case where I used to live.

Yes, there is much we could complain about America, but it certainly could be far worse. What ways can you give thanks for living in the States? What's preventing you from giving thanks for your life in this land of opportunity?