Friday, September 18, 2015

Reviewing Collaborative Marriage Skills ( Couple Communication I)

Collaborative Marriage Skills is a 143-page book Megan and I used in a small group several years ago. This fifth edition was published in 2007 and consists of five chapters:

1. Choosing Communication Styles
2. Identifying Issues
3. Using Your Awareness Wheel
4. Applying the Listening Cycle
5. Mapping Issues

The book contains many charts and diagrams and is organized well. Key words are often italicized, have bold red or black letters, or are part of a bulleted list. We used a version of the book that doesn't have Scripture; however, everyone in our group was Christian so we integrated the Good Book into our discussions.

Collaborative Marriage Skills is very practical and can be used by both Christian and non-Christian couples. You'll get the most out of the book by taking notes in it and reading and discussing the material with others. Although Collaborative Marriage Skills did not solve all of our marriage problemos, I recommend it if you desire to better resolve conflict and enjoy your spouse.