Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reviewing John MacArthur's Found: God's Will

Although I have listened to my share of Dr. MacArthur's sermons and have frequented his Grace to You site for the answers to various questions, this is the first time I have read one of Dr. MacArthur's books. The 75-page Kindle version of Found can easily be read in no time, and it is solid material that is thoroughly supported by Scripture. Dr. MacArthur's seven-chapter book does not use complex theological language, but it does contain profound truths in words that any layperson can understand. Found is organized in the following manner:

1. Is God a Cosmic Killjoy? - The will of God is clearly revealed in His Holy Word.
2. The Crucial First Step - God wants people to be saved.
3. The Fizzies Principle - We must be filled with the Spirit.
4. The Priority of Purity - Be sanctified (pursue holiness).
5. Silencing the Critics - Submit to the Lord and submit to others in the Lord.
6. Facing the Flak - Suffer for Jesus.
7. You're It - If you are the right you, you can follow your desires and you will do His will.

If you want to better understand God's will for you, it is not as complicated as many people make it out to be. Dr. MacArthur helps us understand that in a succinct and straightforward way. I wholeheartedly give Found my Wickersham stamp of approval.