Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reviewing Ted Kluck's The Reason For Sports: A Christian Fanifesto

I gifted my father-in-law The Reason For Sports a couple of years, and I wish I would have read it then. The Reason For Sports was on Amazon Wish List for over three years, but I did not purchase it for myself until seeing it for less than 2 bucks a week ago. Yes, I can be cheap. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and there were a few reasons for that...

A. The book was a break from my typical reading. I found The Reason For Sports to be an entertaining read as well as one causing me to think.
B. I share some things in common with Mr. Kluck: We're former residents of the Hoosier state, thirty-somethings with declining athletic abilities, and reformed.

The Reason For Sports has twelve short chapters that cover a range of topics such as athletes publicly confessing sin, steroid use, showboating, and racism. Some of the athletes that are written about more in-depth include Mike Tyson, Ricky Williams, Tony Dungy, and Muhammad Ali. Boxing and American football tend to be the sports most often discussed in this book. I never competed in those sports and only catch sports headlines today, but I think many Christians will like this book even if they do not follow much of the American sports scene. Sports are a huge part of our culture that often come up in our conversations. Unfortunately, we often fail to have a Christ-centered perspective about sports, but The Reason For Sports can help us view sports in the way God intended. So even if you live outside of the States, haven't watched a football game for years, or your body takes a year to recover from soccer games, I highly recommend The Reason For Sports.

* The Reason For Sports is not the first book written by Ted Kluck I have read. I have also read Why We're Not Emergent and Hello, I Love You: Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood. I highly recommend these books as well.