Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reviewing Ken Sande's and Kevin Johnson's Resolving Everyday Conflict

As a husband with an ISTJ personality married to a Godly woman with an ENFP personality, we do not always see eye to eye. As a middle school principal at an international school, part of my job is to help resolve conflict with foreign and national teachers, parents, and students. As a saint who must battle a sinful side that can be quite prideful, easily angered, and super selfish, you can say I have some issues. These are the reasons Sande & Johnson's book appealed to me. Even if you are single, have a blue-collar position, or others consider you to be humble, gentle, and generous, I do not see how this book cannot benefit you. Everyone has conflict and needs to know how to resolve it. Ken Sande has served as a Christian mediator for three decades and was once an engineer and lawyer. He understands challenging circumstances and how to make peace.

Resolving Everyday Conflict consists of eight chapters of nearly 130 pages...

Chapter 1: The Nature of Conflict
Chapter 2: The Hope of the Gospel
Chapter 3: Escaping, Attacking, or Peacemaking
Chapter 4: G1 - Glorify God
Chapter 5: G2 - Get the Log Out
Chapter 6: G3 - Gently Restore
Chapter 7: G4 - Go and Be Reconciled
Chapter 8: Overcome Evil with Good

A Going Deeper section points you to Sande's popular book, The Peacemaker, as well as his website that provides a variety of peacemaking resources. The Peacemaker is nearly 200 pages longer than Resolving Everyday Conflict and is endorsed by J.I. Packer, John Piper, and Chuck Colson. An appendix includes several questions for reflection and discussion that coincides with each chapter. Resolving Everyday Conflict is a good book supported by Scripture that I believe you will find to be very applicable in day-to-day life. I recommend it without any reservations.